Thought Cluster

 Words by :: ecopoet 


Minding your own business

POP! –  thoughts enters in

One didn’t hear them coming

Who?- What?- Why?- it begins


Synapses communicating

A rate only they understand

Messages generate back and forth

Out of a mysterious land


Nerve endings radiate energy

Heat runs through your mind

Distractions bustling to and fro

Irritations that are not kind


Thought clusters pulsating

Blood pushes along the veins

Contemplation of people met

But nothing of there names


Empty futile encounters

Words fall off the tongue

Air wasted in and out

Expelling from your lungs


You Pray for a sensation

To keep the spirit alive

Intuition must take over

For mind and body to survive


To enter the conversation 

Listen!~ open up your ears 

Step into the eyes threshold

Wisdom lives in their years


Communication transfers by stopping !~

Turn the “mine” volume down

Begin by starting over 

Letting thoughts become the noun



Listen with your mind!!

(Track from Google / Spotify – Sleepdealer, Gudo Rewinds) 


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