Horizon Coasting

Thoughts by:: ecopoet

Coasting on the horizon,  existing along the line.  Not falling down, not moving up, existing, taking up space, using up real estate.

Do you feel apart of something?  Honestly?  When your coasting the mind hangs onto the line so tight, you forget how to truly feel connected.

Coasting – moving easily with-out using power.  Easily- really? Coasting involves letting go, that is not easy.

Go with the flow, accepting a situation, rather than trying to alter or control it:  Audible laughing sounds can be heard, while a smirk sit’s upon the face.   Gripping so tightly to the line,  pure white knuckle image falls upon the psyche.

Go with the flow, do what other people are doing or agree with the opinions of others. Move with the prevailing forces, accept;  right eye begins twitching.

Accept, for the sake of easy or avoiding conflict.  In other words; go numb, blank, ride the proverbial line, Dead fish syndrome.  No capacity to swim against the flow, simply ride upon the line?  Now both eyes are twitching!

Re-adjust?  Let go?  Hold On? Climb up?

Relax,  jump up, release the white knuckle grip, breath.

Today,  quietly take in the view and coast along the horizons line.





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