By: Lori Zybala 

Warm embers illuminate the room

Red yellow     orange 

Entertains the receiving eye 

Fires heat penetrates 

Deep into skin layers 

Under an intoxicating spell

A threshold crossed – 

Terror, doubt, and division remain outside 

Stability, innocence, tranquillity 

Drip hot wax upon the oak mantle 

Blazing fire infinitely burns 

Centuries – empires of existence 

Legacy of immortal devotion 

Mystical mortar 

Divine Roman architecture 

Goddess of a royal hearth 

Epiphany of female strength 

Everlasting light 

Virgin since birth 

Morality – prosperity 

Keeper of the domestic realm 

Everlasting, Pantheon Olympian bound 

Purification, renewal 

Embers seep into the dark night 

Sanctuary of a goddess, first given sacrifice

Deities, Gods

Suitors pursue with blazing enchantment

Hestia – royal state member 

Element keeper – equivocal status among men 

Copyright L.Z. 2021 ©

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