By: ecopoet

Radiant colour circles the room / filling every corner  

Vivid contrast / darkness scatters 

Upon colours entry  

Spectrum hues /  dance freely  

Playfully in the openness 

Darkness / defeated  


Electric blue 

shocks the senses  

Hot red  

ignites the heart 

Purple velvet  

Line’s the hard edges  

Yellow / pink  

worlds apart  

Thoughts of colour 

Simply divine  

Love, empathy  

Twist and shine 

Choose them wisely  

One true nature  

Units of language  


Auditory impression 

Command the tone


Darkest absorption 

Pulled deeply from the light  


Free from colour 

Backdrop of the night  

Combine the palate  

Mix – blend – refine  

Elegant words of colour 

Evenly blur the line 

Copyright L.Z. 2023 ©


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      1. Compliments.
        My English is/was definitely British English. Complete with “posh” accent. LOL. Then I went to the US to Graduate school. It sort of screwed up my spelling a bit. I’m going back to “proper” spelling now…

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