Semi Colon ;

By: ecopoet  Ink moon falls upon the page  imprint; dances in expression  Two independent thoughts;  meet between the semi colon Equal; embracing words  rank, irrelevant  sentence structure pronounced grammar’s etiquette performance   Copyright L.Z. 2023 ©

Beyond the Box

By: ecopoet four corners squeeze the circumference oxygen depleting jaw clenches / rewiring the brain the holding breath / stagnant muscles / once machines / ache in human weakness / motionless flesh hangs upon limbs occupation of no choice / an outsider rigid container / compartmental confined square / insider ... surrender / arrive at... Continue Reading →


By: ecopoet Moisture drips from the walls Time disintegrating, as worn green wallpaper  Soon / it will happen  Wait / it will come  Hold on/ it is around the corner  Almost hangs from the dusty walls resembling an irritating relative that never leaves  Almost / sticks to the back of your throat  Transfixed / almost... Continue Reading →


By: ecopoet Radiant colour circles the room / filling every corner   Vivid contrast / darkness scatters  Upon colours entry   Spectrum hues /  dance freely   Playfully in the openness  Darkness / defeated   Extinct   Electric blue  shocks the senses   Hot red   ignites the heart  Purple velvet   Line’s the hard edges   Yellow / pink   worlds apart   Thoughts of colour ... Continue Reading →


Haibun by: Lori Zybala Sun rising in the east in perfect timing / reliable Patterns of existence map the day’s beginning Attempting to break the … East “Lean into the east, where the light always shines” - eco 2023


By: ecopoet Around the corner-  something awaits  Inching foward -  time falls away at the side’s Shaved existence dwindles to the floor  Around the corner-  something awaits  The raw knowing  pushes from the inside  Those searching eyes  long towards an open door Around the corner-  something awaits  Copyright L.Z. 2023 ©


By: ecopoet a manicured expression outside the layers appear / flawless learned through years of adaption Impenetrable plastic layers fabricated to feel as skin  hard to the touch / mascaraed chagrin  Speculative fiction  identity contained  as the other side / wears it’s true skin Copyright L.Z. 2023 ©

New Orb

By: ecopoet look around / the other side the orb twists / turns planets / solid rock/ an echo of existence light refracts / backwards / no resistance entities / out there- you/ stand here millions of light years away evolution turns backwards ashes lay upon dry ground cells created / DNA matter once here... Continue Reading →


By: ecopoet centering is the hardest part / the mind tilt’s left to right vision ticks / the secondhand spins backwards trees line the horizon / placement / perfect trunks grounded in the receiving soil painted sky tips the edges / flawless silence slips on as a faithful friend warm breath inhales pine needles in... Continue Reading →

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