Grey Matter

Words By::  ecopoet    Bottles line row by row Shelves filling faster than space provides   Red, white, grey matters flows Absurdities line by line   Energies pulsating Neuron transmitters flying   Electric currents pulsating With nowhere to go   Hyperintensity, cause or effect? Stand up, sit down Pause and reflect   Circling            circling... Continue Reading →

Incandescent Bridge

Words by:  ecopoet    Shadows cross over, under and back again   Mind loops around heart Flips~ turns, walks back in   Crisscrossed emotions Tangle and weave   Mind over matter the conscience perceives   Suspended dreams dangle on a high wire   Pulleys and ropes are there to conspire   Tugging their direction Go... Continue Reading →

Insula Cortex

Words By::   ecopoet    Cotton clouds lowly linger Variations float across an aqua sky   Mind ponders along the stratus layers Billowing         yearning   Empathy pushes outwards Exiting the conscience People             places Blue globe circles in perpetual motion   Faster              faster Evolving           pulsating Generating atmospheric commotion   Impassive        stolid Prevalent ladders... Continue Reading →

Aqua Aura

Words by::   ecopoet    Glass mirror refraction Shimmering iridescence   A celestial body Electricity upon a curve   Luminous discharge Channeled between electrodes   Synergistic energy Calms the nerves   Profound power Healing Existence   Shimmering            transformed Glass image             refraction   Optical phenomenon Stone of... Continue Reading →

Balm of Silence

Words By:: ecopoet   Muted underlying tone Sarcasm stowed upon the shelf   Chosen words not required Comfortable ease by yourself   Breathing in the surroundings Colours deepen upon the eyes   Empty objects now appealing Visual gift, blue sky   Atmosphere pace softens Warm breeze across the skin   Ridged back begins to loosen Face... Continue Reading →

Lamp Post

Words by:: ecopoet    Authentic way of life Through darkness shed Illuminated path taken Light direction led   Oil vessels flicker Seven lampposts abound Incense fragrance lingers Human eyes found   Lamp post of true light Will flame forever Profound words of command Portraying parables, clever   Pure gold instruction On a lamp post placed... Continue Reading →

Chair Vision

Words by ::  ecopoet    Presumption glares around the room Gathering evidence, differences surrounding Round, oval, thin, wide Cutting eyes of shapes and sizes Head turns east, chair swivels west Paranoid mind is pounding   Incrimination burns deep inside Igniting faults and failings Human existence on display Balancing act on one leg Back compresses against... Continue Reading →

Point of Intersection

Words By:: ecopoet Connection surges in the heart Mind and body a different part Bones and flesh snap into place spirit life a different pace Obligations clench the solid ground Beautiful escape the soul has found Time constraints life's rat race effortless energy life with the saints Restrictions cinch around the mind Freedom absolution a... Continue Reading →


Words by ::  ecopoet    Twinkle of the eye Twitch of a cheek Nonverbal gesture Each day of a week   Facial muscles execute An expressive flow Who will understand it? or simply let it go?   Natural human tendencies Verbal communication aside Discreetly hide or release them One simply can't decide   ©L.Z.  ... Continue Reading →

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