Words By:: ecopoet Mind over matter Hand over mouth Distinct pronunciation                        on hold Linguistic messaging Prudent words on paper Conservative communication             foretold Political correctness Dialectal evolution? Forgotten language                            of old                         … Hesitation seals the lips Interpretation hangs in the atmosphere Who will dissect the meaning? One leans in, ears stand erect... Continue Reading →

White Space

Words by:: ecopoet When the page is stuck          flip it    If the line’s too long                start again Left to right                             white space Lead tip upright                      glides in place Tense thoughts unwind Brief moment in time Fingers release Elbow perfectly creased Head tilted down Brown eyes alive on white space Thought... Continue Reading →

Quiet Heart

Words by:: ecopoet Calmly~ you push back the linen curtain Filtered light brushes along your face Stillness greets the day Pericardium envelopes the heart One step ~ back Taking in your surroundings ~~ Nowhere to be, but in the present~ this very moment ! The inhale - a soft whisper Exhale ~ greets the receiving... Continue Reading →


Words by:: ecopoet Connections                messages Hang by a minute silk thread The narrow needle’s eye Visible only too one - Mending of relationships Put on hold Pieces of worn cloth             lay tattered Daily junctions Forever changed Human depleted patterns Vague communication Vacant eyes peer above the mask Mouth expression       absent Numb meaningless task... Continue Reading →


Words by :: ecopoet One inch         a mile Place the plastic smile Upon the flesh tone skin Soft lines caress the years Lines around the ancient tree Embrace the wisdom with-in Stolen moments ~forgotten Black lines begin to fade Along the yardstick of life Past                 present             future Before             during             ... Continue Reading →


Words by: ecopoet No need to hang on tightly The air is free The path is open Clear blue sky              accepting No road map chosen Currents blowing        east – west Open sky A welcome guest You are free – Spread your delicate wings Look up! Look    out – Let your spirit sing... Continue Reading →

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