Colour Series; Dancing Along the Spectrum



Colour Series; Dancing Along the Spectrum

Colliding of Two Worlds

Words by ::  ecopoet    Connection holds you in the heart The mind and body Two worlds apart   Bones and flesh Snap into place Spirit time a different pace   Obligations Force you to the ground A beautiful escape A soul has found   Time constraints Life’s rat race Effortless energy Flow of  saints... Continue Reading →

Side B

Words by:: ecopoet    Circle meets circle, black upon black Record turns ~ turns~ turns   Spinning the same direction Words release out of black lines   Needle obediently follows along Knowing no other existence   Fine point penetrates the dark circle Over and over and over   Loyal record spins ~ spins ~spins Knowing... Continue Reading →

Paradox Wind

Reflection by: ecopoet  Silent wind of inspiration Sweeps through my mind A thought entered~ leaves Absent synchronicity connection   ©L.Z


Words :: ecopoet Stillness meets the quiet of the mind Lost in void of thought~ distraction Effortless flowing movement Immeasurable vastness between the seconds Breathing~ natural process taking place White abyss~ mind a free chasm Analyzing, an effort the psyche cannot afford Lapses of reality,  a gift cherished The world and its constant volume, forgotten... Continue Reading →

Emeth Tree

Words:: ecopoet  ‘Tis words that fall upon the ground Origin derived from iron throne Complex tapestry woven together Satin falsehoods bound and sewn Invented truths deeply planted Plausible evidence of sorts Leaves fall as scarlet letters Scattering throughout the courts Royalty, curtsies and waves Political pedigree stitched inseams Alternative facts, roots of deception Branch out... Continue Reading →

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