By: ecopoet a manicured expression outside the layers appear / flawless learned through years of adaption Impenetrable plastic layers fabricated to feel as skin  hard to the touch / mascaraed chagrin  Speculative fiction  identity contained  as the other side / wears it’s true skin Copyright L.Z. 2023 ©

New Orb

By: ecopoet look around / the other side the orb twists / turns planets / solid rock/ an echo of existence light refracts / backwards / no resistance entities / out there- you/ stand here millions of light years away evolution turns backwards ashes lay upon dry ground cells created / DNA matter once here... Continue Reading →


By: ecopoet centering is the hardest part / the mind tilt’s left to right vision ticks / the secondhand spins backwards trees line the horizon / placement / perfect trunks grounded in the receiving soil painted sky tips the edges / flawless silence slips on as a faithful friend warm breath inhales pine needles in... Continue Reading →

The Knot

By: ecopoet pretzel of emotion turns upon itself tension- tightens the diaphragm striving- season of perfection silver trimmings, glistening lights hurry- hurry- timing fight twisting- turning- imbalance unrest coming- coming – yearly guests stretched tight circumstance constraint twisted emotions seasonal tainted saint traditions fractured commercialism wears it’s grin as the element of spirit regrettably fades-... Continue Reading →

Climate of Opinion

By: ecopoet absolute conviction draws to its conclusion from an individual viewpoint one stands on the rock-face alone looking out upon the world as masses of faces peer back judgment in the millions, as trees grown in their own conclusion stemming from iron upbringing opinions stronger than impressions weak in proven knowledge point of view... Continue Reading →

One Days Turning

By: ecopoet predictable sun rises / eventually sets west one day welcomed / another an uninvited guest moods twist / turning left to right as joy and sorrows fall in and out of sight release the things that never change lean into those that do to live a life – to walk a mile one... Continue Reading →

Hopeful Moon

Haibun by: ecopoet Hope sits on the grey edges, you have to look deep. Springs anticipation lingers across the horizon, breathing out the stale … Hopeful Moon Remind yourself to breath


By: ecopoet listen to that voice it knows the outcome it speaks in the whispers a flutter in the stomach the nudge upon the skin a twist upon the heart you are the captain the vessel is in your name a voyage set apart set the sail head east gaze ahead truth be told listen... Continue Reading →


By: ecopoet lean into the universe embrace the effortless movement moon- in partnership with the earth dancing in the same direction cycle of growth –             one complete turn –                         new page written revolution forward motion                         growth days into nights spinning the earth on its axis a change in direction moment connects, as... Continue Reading →

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