Galatical Mind

Words by::  ecopoet   Black open space Beyond planet earth   Void                an expansion Uninhabitable   Dream seeker Day dreamer Earth to sky walker   Trillions of named stars Fill the blank space Astrology science talker   Imaginations run wild Intelligent life on other planets   As pure... Continue Reading →

Morning Dew

Words By::    ecopoet   Tears,  as morning dew Fall upon the cheeks   Thoughts,  as releasing leaves Fall upon upon the ground   Endings                 Beginnings Each day opens a new beginning   Sun rises  through pink cloud layers Anticipation speaks out as prayers   Todays the... Continue Reading →

Circle Chasing

Words By :: ecopoet   Destination unknown Maps viewed Streets              Names Coordinates on paper   People               Places Familiar faces Learned behaviours Social graces   Words said But truth be told Can all humans Be bought and sold?   People pleasing Guilt facing... Continue Reading →


Words by::  ecopoet   You can do it in your sleep Same old day the hours creep Nothing new, nothing gained   Your mind is empty Your spirit drained   Empty face stares back at you Blank expression,  what can you do?   Step off the planet Plug back in Start the stirring Allow the... Continue Reading →


Words by ::   ecopoet    Bigger, faster at what cost? The human part of connection      lost    Your fellow man, the neighbour next door Who and What is he striving for?   Authentic entity resides at the core Do not open the comparison door   Souls that enter are never the same Resist! ... Continue Reading →


Haiku by :: ecopoet    wandering around while life happens beginning of the circle   ©L.Z.        

Ruminate ~ Repeat

Words By::   ecopoet    Conceptualization          progress  distance perceived    Models of status evolving  circling the universe   Fragments of matter  spin the DNA   Negative themes uncontrollability  metacognition harm    Behaviour slipping  words uncontrolled  Reality          alarm!   Questions infiltrate feelings dominate  mind filter dissipates    Past... Continue Reading →

Quintessence Melody

Thoughts by::  ecopoet  A beautiful melody heard across the branches, audible companionship. Unique tone received by another,  a sharing of one heart.  Perfect sequence, authenticating nearness, a belonging delivered high across the treetops.  Melody of natural essence, with out force, free to fly away, held captive in the staying.  Invisible orb circumference, a natural realm of... Continue Reading →


Haiku by :: ecopoet    elements of darkness advance against the window warm light protects the heart   ©L.Z.  

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