Poem By:: Lori Zybala words expel as warm breath across the soul the heart stands at attention meticulous articulation, beautiful quartet strung together in rhythmic harmony exquisite vocal cord delivery music to the receiving ear obscure phraseology bond together   archived in the library forever             … precious morsels of discovery line the cherrywood bookshelves... Continue Reading →


Haibun by: Lori Zybala Sun rising in the east in perfect timing / reliable Patterns of existence map the day’s beginning Attempting to break the pattern / java in hand I step out into natures awakening Birds singing across the treetops hopeful melodies fill the surroundings             natures orchestra        authenticity greets the ears hope... Continue Reading →

Pale Sky

Haibun by:: ecopoet the head tilts, looking out across the pale sky searching for the speck of sun, craving warmth the bones ache, complacency wraps heavy around the body Winter hangs around as an unwanted guest dragging it's feet the pale shadow of Spring lurks around the hidden corner shy in it's coming Copyright L.Z.... Continue Reading →

The Braid

By: ecopoet Oneness of thought, as threads of white silk weave. A three-strand cord – intertwines Tight in accountability Tucking unity along the frayed edges Individual complexity Expansion        contraction Tied together in a common denominator Interlacing strength Laid in a diagonal formation Braided by the creator Connection – survival Swatch of complex devotion Authentic... Continue Reading →


Haibun by: ecopoet Gazing out the window, the mind cycles through it's questioning, blocked behind cold glass. Do I look outwards upon the earth beauty as the seasons come and go? Where do I allow my thoughts to take me ? Mankind spinning Seeking - Creating the wrong answers The world spins naturally, learning to... Continue Reading →

Spin the Wheel

By: ecopoet Stagnant air grasps the edge Corners fold inwards Jaw clenching              frozen Unwind, spin the wheel backwards Momentum releasing Remold the mind Symbolic elements Flash across the cortex Gravity hypnotic Lean forward Fall into the momentum Wheel of life   symbolic Copyright L.Z. 2022 © (google image)

Hopeful Moon

Haibun by: ecopoet Hope sits on the grey edges, you have to look deep. Springs anticipation lingers across the horizon, breathing out the stale Winter air, the needy lungs await! It shall come, doing what it was designed to do. Simply lean into hope, the order of creation. Solid ground lies under your feet, one... Continue Reading →


Words By:: ecopoet Glass opaque, reflection glazes the surface Image – blank, the invisible breath fog’s the speculum Droplets of moisture, slide vertically Eyes gaze deep into the foggy unknown Pulse monitors the mood upon the day’s entry Obscure atmosphere fills the rooms four walls Natural rhythm wraps in familiarity, clock work moment Glancing ahead,... Continue Reading →


By:: ecopoet Undertow of emotion, washes up onto the shore layers' of pure devotion - deep, into the core Purification ceremony, takes place upon the skin cells cleansed, dirt washed away with-in Natural wave - pulsating - body swaying with the force The flow of natures current guides you on the daily course Mind clears... Continue Reading →

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