Haibun by: Lori Zybala Cicada’s clicking pitch, sizzles across the rustling tree tops. Labouring vegetation covers it’s parched ears. The noisy black crow, protecting breakfast, screeches in a high octave. Hummingbird, oblivious to the backyard noise, feeds her hunger between individual silence.                         urban jungle alive                         survival of the fittest                         silence - the... Continue Reading →

The Stage

Haibun By: Lori Zybala The number should mean something, as layers create experience. Respect the process, listen to the walls of knowledge. Each day will bring its own atmosphere, a life lived. Lesson learned, ‘they say’, builds character! How much character is too much? Preparing for the part, you step onto the stage, into... Continue Reading →

Midnight Moon

Haibun By: Ecopoet If the moon had a name, what would it be? The shining mighty face, electric in visual existence Self identity lost in space - Nothing to cling to, or analyze Understanding it’s Divine place - Closing each day in acceptance Stars across darkness Traces of the midnight hour Feet stop in wonder... Continue Reading →

Pale Sky

Haibun by:: ecopoet the head tilts, looking out across the pale sky searching for the speck of sun, craving warmth the bones ache, complacency wraps heavy around the body Winter hangs around as an unwanted guest dragging it's feet the pale shadow of Spring lurks around the hidden corner shy in it's coming Copyright L.Z.... Continue Reading →


By: ecopoet eyes lean right perspective clears the vision moments linger, then disappear grab on tight for reasons they don't understand thoughts flicker into the night a speck of memory stored in the bank safely future deposited eyes lean left time fills a day lost forever in the earth - closet Copyright L.Z. 2022 ©... Continue Reading →

Hopeful Moon

Haibun by: ecopoet Hope sits on the grey edges, you have to look deep. Springs anticipation lingers across the horizon, breathing out the stale Winter air, the needy lungs await! It shall come, doing what it was designed to do. Simply lean into hope, the order of creation. Solid ground lies under your feet, one... Continue Reading →

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