By: ecopoet centering is the hardest part / the mind tilt’s left to right vision ticks / the secondhand spins backwards trees line the horizon / placement / perfect trunks grounded in the receiving soil painted sky tips the edges / flawless silence slips on as a faithful friend warm breath inhales pine needles in... Continue Reading →


By: ecopoet listen to that voice it knows the outcome it speaks in the whispers a flutter in the stomach the nudge upon the skin a twist upon the heart you are the captain the vessel is in your name a voyage set apart set the sail head east gaze ahead truth be told listen... Continue Reading →

Blank Reflection

(Google image) Haibun By: Lori Zybala Embedded in my reliable leather chair, accepting the day’s entry, an opaque passage of radiant light swirls in lucid thought.  Perspective gazing, coffee in hand, as acceptance wraps itself in a warm blanket. Time, worth listening too – frozen, as the clocks second-hand cements itself against a blank face.... Continue Reading →


Haibun by: ecopoet Gazing out the window, the mind cycles through it's questioning, blocked behind cold glass. Do I look outwards upon the earth beauty as the seasons come and go? Where do I allow my thoughts to take me ? Mankind spinning Seeking - Creating the wrong answers The world spins naturally, learning to... Continue Reading →

Spin the Wheel

By: ecopoet Stagnant air grasps the edge Corners fold inwards Jaw clenching              frozen Unwind, spin the wheel backwards Momentum releasing Remold the mind Symbolic elements Flash across the cortex Gravity hypnotic Lean forward Fall into the momentum Wheel of life   symbolic Copyright L.Z. 2022 © (google image)


By: ecopoet in the rich layers, molecule’s hide a place far beyond reach bystanders – circle around – leaving the untouchable ground solid stance invisible anchor soil abundant in nutrients clarity – vision- insight evidence of a life lived warm breath expelled upon the earth Copyright L.Z. 2022 © ( google image)

Fresh Tracks

By:: ecopoet Virgin white landscape precipitation blankets the ground Criss- cross patterns   appear intersecting natures canvas Paths creating a network of tracks searching         traveling          hunting their previsions Supply             demand           scarce natural instinct of survival Cottontail bound patterns imprints of hopping delight Sly fox in proximity intellectually remaining out of sight Nocturnal... Continue Reading →


Words By:: ecopoet Glass opaque, reflection glazes the surface Image – blank, the invisible breath fog’s the speculum Droplets of moisture, slide vertically Eyes gaze deep into the foggy unknown Pulse monitors the mood upon the day’s entry Obscure atmosphere fills the rooms four walls Natural rhythm wraps in familiarity, clock work moment Glancing ahead,... Continue Reading →

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