By:: ecopoet Undertow of emotion, washes up onto the shore layers' of pure devotion - deep, into the core Purification ceremony, takes place upon the skin cells cleansed, dirt washed away with-in Natural wave - pulsating - body swaying with the force The flow of natures current guides you on the daily course Mind clears... Continue Reading →

Issue III contributors

Excited to be a contributor in the upcoming! Free Verse Revolution: Issue III: Hestia ( hearth & home )

Free Verse Revolution:

It is my pleasure to share the contributors of Issue III: hestia (hearth & home). The issue, due to be released in late September, will feature poetry, prose, photography & artwork by the following creators:

Ken Anderson

Jaya Avendel

Jude Ballard

Enrico Barigazzi

Corinna Board

Constance Bourg

Karan Chambers

Emma Conally-Barklem

Rachel Dickens

Caitlan Docherty

Brianna Flood

Karen E. Fraser

Devereaux Frazier

Rebecca Green

Morgan Hayes

Kevin Hüttenmüller

Laura Jameson

Nameera Anjum Khan


Richard LeDue

Barbara Leonhard

Lorraine Lewis


Dee Li

Charles T. Low

Sarah Beck Mather

Marisela Brazfield

Jennifer McLamb

Emily Mew

Gabriela Marie Milton

Ellie Morfou

Soph Murray

Vanessa Napolitano

Jonathan O’Farrell

Lisa Perkins

T. S. Priest

Victoria Punch

Sunra Rainz

Kristiana Reed

Poppy Revell

Rebecca Rijsdijk

Faye Alexandra Rose

Jasleen Saini

Lara Simpson

Sebastian Nguyet Snow

Ivor Steven

Diana Story

Greta Unetich

Aleksandra Vujisic

Lynn White

Robin Williams

Ingrid Wilson

Howard Young

Lori Zybala


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Proverbial Door

By:: ecopoet An age old measure, pure thought, a voice Words of wonder, a vision, a choice Cautiously the mind prepares to open Messages deciphering, words relate A deep understanding Ancient scroll opens on display Each journey is sacred Each soul knows the way Ray of light reveals the direction Message - crystal clear Warm... Continue Reading →


Words By: ecopoet Atmospheric breath releasing             Fresh aroma circles the air Intoxicating fragrance             Warm dew glides along the skin The giving sky            empties -             Rivers and streams receive in love Lingering vapor          surrounding             Calmness greets holy ground Vibrant green penetrates             As fiddleheads pop up to view Butterflies float and... Continue Reading →

Deo Volente

Words By:: ecopoet Mind wide open Warm breath inhaled ~ The angel of health ~ present ~ Effortlessly, the room fills in golden light Warm aura surrounding Lungs fill ~ a healing exchange Fibers of Love touch every corner Heart flutters ~ pounding Materialized ~ no door Windows remain closed Free agent appearance Gift of... Continue Reading →


Words By:: ecopoet Spinning in the cosmos Uninterrupted creative act Man expelled out of darkness Fell into created light Ineffable                      sacred A stupendous mystery Each an original masterpiece As s falling snowflake Individual, yet interconnected Earth – light association Unique shapes – sizes Delicate interwoven layers Characteristic of creativity Demigod spark running through every vein... Continue Reading →

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