Words ::  ecopoet  A twinkle in the eye The twitch of a cheek Non-verbal gestures Each day of a week Executing facial muscles With expressive flow Who will understand it? Or simply let it go? Natural human tendencies Verbal communication aside To hide them or release I simply can't decide L.Z. © Do you have a... Continue Reading →



Words :: ecopoet    Harmonious garden  Brilliant colours of choice Showcasing nature’s character Distinct nirvana voice   Weeds, thistles and thorns Try choking the horizon Flexing their worldly strength With six sets of eyes on   Edens true beauty Sown into each flower Displaying peddles of love Yielding one true power   Step gently on the... Continue Reading →

Light Switch

Words ::  Ecopoet    Darkness lurks around you It's grinning with disgrace The switch is staring at you Right side, right time, right place   The infinite agent stands guard Transporter catalyst of sight Profitable mental protection Deflection of opposing fright   Sensation through illumination A brilliant guiding force Signals a vigorous warning Detouring directions... Continue Reading →

The Other Side of Grey

Todays Thought by; ecopoet Grey on grey looks back at you from the same window, on a different day. Where does the colour of life come from? Does it generate in the soul? Ignite in the mind? What excites you, bringing the colour back to your life? New experiences, places, people, friends; both old and... Continue Reading →


Suddenly Written By: ecopoet      Everywhere you turn Suddenly in your space Peaceful surrounding Not in this time or place   Protrusions stick out Both sides of the face Radar is heightened Noisy creatures, the human race     Silently you go inwards Protection of sort's Close off the vibrations Seal off the cohorts   Beautiful... Continue Reading →


Written By: ecopoet    Dancing in the abyss Blackness surrounding Dark water chasm Mysteriously, Hearts synchronize in pounding   Gently caressing molecules Prehensile tails wrapped in time Water and fins entwine His mind, her mind Align   Raptured in new skin High water entered in Buoyancy light as a feather Two souls predawn dance Together... Continue Reading →

The Middle Point

    "Fold back the layers and let your heart back in"  Quote by: Ecopoet ©March 11th, 2013 Thought By:  ecopoet  There we sit on the edge, objects appearing smaller than we remember, a distance memory.   How do we create a different outcome, a new chapter, a forward point. Like a new fragrance, article... Continue Reading →


Written by: ecopoet   Luminous layers of fabric Obscure her beautiful face Oh, Veil -  colourful disguises Textile elements worn by grace   Protective fabric shrouds Masquerading life truths Concealments, Oh, Veil- of identities   Rich cloth of Scarlet Red Radiates a protective velvet embrace   Delicate white silk flows freely Concealing years etched upon... Continue Reading →


WRITTEN BY;  ECOPOET   Dark matter dispersing Ivory white physiology   No forcing or resisting Tension releasing   Course of events collide Into the fold of life   Following the wind Pushing away the strife       Warm ease inside the body Lightness in earthly step   Destiny on the horizon Brightness upon the... Continue Reading →

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