Falling Leaves

By:: ecopoet Hazy sun filters across a fresh green carpet Dancing flickering shadowsCreating delicate patternsCanvas receiving Lively songbirds singingMelodies deliveredTree top position deceiving Particles floatingPeripheral gazingOxygen atmosphere releasing Summer momentsTucked in the synapsesConnecting warm memories Fall upon the horizonImpatient ~Colours begin expression Oranges yellow redsLinger behind the curtainEquinox the director Celestial equatorThe great circleImaginary projection... Continue Reading →


Words by:: ecopoet Lay down your mind Place it upon the earth Inhale the quiet             Renewal                         Rebirth Nature - a healer provides at no cost Accepting, nurturing those that are lost Medicine in the rhythm Balm in the soil Surrender        receive Relax from all toil Beautiful embracement   Surrounds all side’s Sanctuary... Continue Reading →

Red Satin Bow

Words by:: ecopoet     Can you hear the whispers? Melodic soft rhythm Delicate tone of expression    Minute layers              unfolding Elegant red bow          untied Satin -  soft as a newborn child     Individual strand         released Laid gently upon new earth Grounded                    soul bare  Re- planted                  re-birthed    Tender soft tissue... Continue Reading →

Galactical Mind – Lori Zybala — FREE VERSE REVOLUTION

Black open space~ Beyond planet earth Void~ Emptiness Daydreamer Dream seeker Earth to sky walker Trillions of named stars Fill the black space Astrology science talker Man’s imagination runs wild ~ Intelligent life on other planets As pure oxygen And fresh water Earth treasures taken […]Galactical Mind – Lori Zybala — FREE VERSE REVOLUTION

Black Wings

Words by:: ecopoet Still shadows infuse the ceiling Darkness penetrating - forces reeling   Paranormal aura           transcended Heart pounding           rapidly Dialect of dark vowels -- Vibrating the surroundings Blue vein pulses - clenching the brain Supernatural vision - are you are going insane? Primordial deity   Dark angel of doom    Vortex cavity - circling the... Continue Reading →

Circadian Flow

Words by: ecopoet Palm fronds - gently sway Feathering an aqua blue sky White sandstone carved statues Eloquently stand alone Lush green curtain - frames the eye Slow pace Circadian rhythm — Glide's Red toes pointed - up - Mind goes around --- Auditory Heightened Accelerating nature sounds Heart beats - align Revolving 360 degrees... Continue Reading →


Words by:: ecopoet    Particles of memory               fading             Impermanence   Present body                           fading             Fleetingness     The law of goodness One rhythm     one life     What shall be remembered through all this strife?     Love                a heirloom Scribed into a book of being... Continue Reading →


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