Words by:: ecopoetDisclaimer: WARNING, not a light read Confinement seals the door Bars of iron block the windows - captured ! Circling the mind The body stands still- Invisible agent blockades the world Touch it - cannot See it- cannot Paranoia settling in We the host, of an uninvited guest Human to human con-quest Planet... Continue Reading →


Words By:: ecopoet  Upon the earth we dwell Each rousing breath is ours To sing, dance, eat and play  Beauty hidden amongst the hours Why choose to dwell amongst The hot prickly thorns and briars Listening in our dwelling place Transmission from practice liars Natures nourishment for the soul Showers naturally when found Balm of... Continue Reading →

-the dash-

Words by:: ecopoet Decades flip as pages on a calendar Markings in red Complete the box One day you here             Next you’re not - Units of time Hatch marks Line strokes Check marks of completion Machines running at full tilt Production Economy         zero guilt Reflection of a generation Faces  - names Renumeration Images... Continue Reading →

Blue Bliss

Words by:: ecopoet As far as the eyes can see Blue caresses the earth Each direction             envelopes And holds you Sharp edges                absent Sky’s arms opened      receiving Birds love song carries Across the treetop’s Language know to the other A true companion Belonging Understanding Completeness Wavelengths of divine rhythm Encompass the body... Continue Reading →

Tin Cup

Words By:: ecopoet Sitting back upon the shelf Bright coloured mugs, proudly towards the front Quiet tin cup - awaits Years anticipating the selection Proof of position in an organized cupboard Full of loud - bright containers The dented tin cup, full to the brim; Untold stories, experiences, truth, meaning- ready to overflow Anticipating, its... Continue Reading →

Colour in Motion

Words by:: ecopoet Radiant colour circles the room Filling every blank corner Vivid contrast ~  Darkness scatters  Upon colours entry Spectrum hues Dancing freely Playfully in the openness Darkness~ Defeated Extinct Electric blue Shocks the senses Hot red Ignites the heart Purple velvet Line’s the hard edges Yellow - pink Worlds apart Thoughts of colour... Continue Reading →


Words By:: ecopoet Mind over matter Hand over mouth Distinct pronunciation                        on hold Linguistic messaging Prudent words on paper Conservative communication             foretold Political correctness Dialectal evolution? Forgotten language                            of old                         … Hesitation seals the lips Interpretation hangs in the atmosphere Who will dissect the meaning? One leans in, ears stand erect... Continue Reading →

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