Blank Reflection

(Google image) Haibun By: Lori Zybala Embedded in my reliable leather chair, accepting the day’s entry, an opaque passage of radiant light swirls in lucid thought.  Perspective gazing, coffee in hand, as acceptance wraps itself in a warm blanket. Time, worth listening too – frozen, as the clocks second-hand cements itself against a blank face.... Continue Reading →


Poem By:: Lori Zybala words expel as warm breath across the soul the heart stands at attention meticulous articulation, beautiful quartet strung together in rhythmic harmony exquisite vocal cord delivery music to the receiving ear obscure phraseology bond together   archived in the library forever             … precious morsels of discovery line the cherrywood bookshelves... Continue Reading →


Haibun by: Lori Zybala Cicada’s clicking pitch, sizzles across the rustling tree tops. Labouring vegetation covers it’s parched ears. The noisy black crow, protecting breakfast, screeches in a high octave. Hummingbird, oblivious to the backyard noise, feeds her hunger between individual silence.                         urban jungle alive                         survival of the fittest                         silence - the... Continue Reading →


Haibun by: Lori Zybala Sun rising in the east in perfect timing / reliable Patterns of existence map the day’s beginning Attempting to break the pattern / java in hand I step out into natures awakening Birds singing across the treetops hopeful melodies fill the surroundings             natures orchestra        authenticity greets the ears hope... Continue Reading →

Star Breather

By:: ecopoet In the beginning… many light years away a cosmic stirring, astrologists portray Formation of planets, brightest of stars Jupiter, Pollux, Venus and Mars Each assigned a given name majestically placed, exclusively in the sky Star shimmering brilliance Individual grace Star breather expels upon night - ex nihilo orchestrated, lighting up the human race... Continue Reading →

Midnight Moon

Haibun By: Ecopoet If the moon had a name, what would it be? The shining mighty face, electric in visual existence Self identity lost in space - Nothing to cling to, or analyze Understanding it’s Divine place - Closing each day in acceptance Stars across darkness Traces of the midnight hour Feet stop in wonder... Continue Reading →

Daily Sparrow

By:: ecopoet timely appearance greets each dayfluttering in                 fluttering outclockwork perfection thoughts, worries, - displacedthe song of the sparrowgracefully meets the needs of each day  sun flickers across the brown feathersdelicate layers for accurate flight blending into the natural surroundingsa daily welcoming delight   Copyright L.Z. 2022 ©


By: ecopoet in the rich layers, molecule’s hide a place far beyond reach bystanders – circle around – leaving the untouchable ground solid stance …Depth

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