Haiku by :: ecopoet    elements of darkness advance against the window warm light protects the heart   ©L.Z.  



Words by:: ecopoet    Hurry to wait circle ~ ~ equate busy keeping busy must not be late   Second hand pulsing around the clock face millimetres per second with no measure or pace   Unable to function through the vortex of time life massively spinning and you don't own a dime   Objects that... Continue Reading →

Word Game

Words By::  ecopoet    Words with sharp edges hit from every angle   A hint of meaning insinuations dangle   Sarcastic expression leads along the brow   Explosion of accusation oblique somehow     Did you comprehend the criticism, as you headed for the door? As sly remarks ambush, disparage you to the core  ... Continue Reading →

Empty Shell

Words By::  ecopoet    Skeleton taking up space abandoned square footage plaques displayed on walls letter's behind given name   Dichotomy of words lost:  forgotten years on display dark empty shell driven   Warm embraces missed friendships unestablished unopened dusty files remain in locked cabinets   Names to faces faces to names third removed ancestry... Continue Reading →

Natures Flight

Words By::  ecopoet    Effortless movement of wings Designed of delicate paper   The warm wind so soft As an unseen vapor     Human ‘s limited to the ground walked on Our minds like a block we cling on     Take flight ~ Take flight ~   Go beyond the horizon   Go... Continue Reading →

Atmosphere Existence

Words By:: ecopoet    Flip the page, begin again Refresh the senses Surrounding cycles reconnect Control's grip spins backwards   Audible rhythms float in the atmosphere Acceptance easing the rigid body Breath in keeping time The tension now releasing   Gentle wind exhaling Strands of hair brush along the face Atmospheric existence New days easing... Continue Reading →

Opposite Numbers

Words By::   ecopoet    Glance to the right Head tills to the side White walls frame the dwellings   Glance to the left Eyes open wide Barbed wire circles its protection   Born on the right Days a delight Born on the left Hardship, theft   Planet placed Fleck amongst billions East, West, North, South... Continue Reading →


Words By::  ecopoet    Units of measure Seven blocks of time Free or scheduled Twenty- four hour sequence   Rotation of planet Sun      moon      sky Days    Months   Years Seconds           revolving   Planetary movements Elevation equation Breathless atmosphere Natural sensation   Sundials,  rulers Sand droplets in a glass Base Unit measure Twenty-four... Continue Reading →

Horizon Coasting

Thoughts by:: ecopoet Coasting on the horizon,  existing along the line.  Not falling down, not moving up, existing, taking up space, using up real estate. Do you feel apart of something?  Honestly?  When your coasting the mind hangs onto the line so tight, you forget how to truly feel connected. Coasting - moving easily with-out... Continue Reading →

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