Tabula Rasa

Words :: ecopoet    Come! Create a new beginning Find the words Rewrite the stars   Dreams, gifts, inspiration Fill the pages of memoirs   Oh! The inextricable  mind Continually spinning~~   Past experiences numbing Learned expression, grinning   Pick up that stone tablet Smash the old mental content Erase the geography of fate   Hypothetical... Continue Reading →


Between the Glass

Words :: ecopoet  In between, watching the scenery, as shadows pass by Longing for change, air, a new perspective Starring through, caught, longing behind the glass Nose pressed against the cold material, eyes straining from the glare Reminiscing of a time that flight came without hesitation Exploring, dreaming, anticipating, alive with wonder Years layered solid... Continue Reading →


Words ::  ecopoet   A soft breeze runs along the skin Words you think and hear Start to rumble with-in   A tingle, a nudge, a stirring rotating Your heart knows the rhythm The pulse is relating   Murmurs of voices begin to make sense The soul and mind Entwined in their dance   Feeling... Continue Reading →

Moment Held

Words :: ecopoet    Embrace the stillness Unhinge the cuffs of the mind   Enter into the breathing Deepen the inhale Let go, unwind   Shake off the layers Crustations Scale by scale   Shed the ego Spirit lead Prayer by prayer   Step beyond the threshold Close the door behind   Labels, restrictions Put... Continue Reading →


Words :: ecopoet    Harmonious garden  Brilliant colours of choice Showcasing nature’s character Distinct nirvana voice   Weeds, thistles and thorns Try choking the horizon Flexing their worldly strength With six sets of eyes on   Edens true beauty Sown into each flower Displaying peddles of love Yielding one true power   Step gently on the... Continue Reading →

Light Switch

Words ::  Ecopoet    Darkness lurks around you It's grinning with disgrace The switch is staring at you Right side, right time, right place   The infinite agent stands guard Transporter catalyst of sight Profitable mental protection Deflection of opposing fright   Sensation through illumination A brilliant guiding force Signals a vigorous warning Detouring directions... Continue Reading →

The Other Side of Grey

Todays Thought by; ecopoet Grey on grey looks back at you from the same window, on a different day. Where does the colour of life come from? Does it generate in the soul? Ignite in the mind? What excites you, bringing the colour back to your life? New experiences, places, people, friends; both old and... Continue Reading →


Suddenly Written By: ecopoet      Everywhere you turn Suddenly in your space Peaceful surrounding Not in this time or place   Protrusions stick out Both sides of the face Radar is heightened Noisy creatures, the human race     Silently you go inwards Protection of sort's Close off the vibrations Seal off the cohorts   Beautiful... Continue Reading →


Written By: ecopoet    Dancing in the abyss Blackness surrounding Dark water chasm Mysteriously, Hearts synchronize in pounding   Gently caressing molecules Prehensile tails wrapped in time Water and fins entwine His mind, her mind Align   Raptured in new skin High water entered in Buoyancy light as a feather Two souls predawn dance Together... Continue Reading →

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