One Days Turning

By: ecopoet predictable sun rises / eventually sets west one day welcomed / another an uninvited guest moods twist / turning left to right as joy and sorrows fall in and out of sight release the things that never change lean into those that do to live a life – to walk a mile one... Continue Reading →


By: ecopoet listen to that voice it knows the outcome it speaks in the whispers a flutter in the stomach the nudge upon the skin a twist upon the heart you are the captain the vessel is in your name a voyage set apart set the sail head east gaze ahead truth be told listen... Continue Reading →


By: ecopoet lean into the universe embrace the effortless movement moon- in partnership with the earth dancing in the same direction cycle of growth –             one complete turn –                         new page written revolution forward motion                         growth days into nights spinning the earth on its axis a change in direction moment connects, as... Continue Reading →

Soft Edges

By: ecopoet jagged edges cut the skin, causing a back to stiffen harsh words cut the silence, piercing the rooms environment a voice that screams in attention, tends to shatter glass no one hears, when the pitch deafens a receiving ear                                     … words spoken in soft edges, translate evenly across the mind choose them... Continue Reading →


Anaphora by: Lori Zybala The Gaelic force; pierces deep into the existing day The Gaelic force; searching for answers, expels intently Dark clouds oscillating, thunder rumbles from the north The Gaelic force; slaps repetitive questions across the rocks edge Windswept; the minds disposition - blank Copyright L.Z. 2022 © #ffpoemapop

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